From Babies & Bubbles we have always been great defenders of natural products and their huge benefits. Due to this, we were committed to create a certified ecological cosmetic line based on the youngest care, babies.

During months, together with the technical team of the laboratory, we have been formulating once and once more, until we obtained what we were looking for: a line based on plants’ extracts, soft oils and a limited number of adequate and soft ingredients, that gave us as a result natural and high quality products.

The fine skin of the baby requires of some more specific cares due to the fact that their skin is 40-60% more delicate and less resistant than an adult’s. This is the reason why we need to opt for ingredients with no silicones, nor derivates from petroleum, parabens, mineral oils, neither more unnecessary additives.

Babies & Bubbles counts with the BDIH Certification,one of the most recognized Certifiers all over the world, which is against used of prime materials from genetically manipulated plans and only supports organic crop. This certification is obtained after having met many strict quality controls.

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